Friday, January 9, 2009

Holiday Job Losses

Post-holiday job reports have been percolating through the news lately, which paint a grim picture consistent with a severe economic contraction—all despite the recent printing of dollars, and Keynesian bailout measures that when added up range into the trillions of dollars of credit available for the taking.

To really add it all up, all the bailouts, which I've thought about doing, seems a moot point because what matters is how much of the available credit the Fed and Treasury Department have been pushing has actually been borrowed, and that data has not been disclosed despite a lawsuit from Bloomberg for better transparency under the Freedom of Information Act.

Since the Fed dropped interest rates to 0%, new bailout measures seem mostly on-hold until Obama takes office.

UPDATE [1/13/09]: Fox Business News continues its lawsuits against the Fed and Treasury Dept, started in November along with Bloomberg, for more transparency in bailout measures.

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