Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama's Bubble Budget

In a time of "hard choices" and a "new age of responsibility," Obama's budget proposal is more excessive spending. A lot more.

Some highlights: it totals $3.55T, and it leaves the country with a record deficit of $1.75T, almost four-times the prior record of $455B under Bush. Shockingly, another $750B is earmarked for bailing out failed financial institutions. Then an additional $75B in war spending... excuse me? Is joining the military the solution for unemployment? It speaks of "medicare savings" while pouring $634B into a universal health care proposal. It proposes tax increases for the wealthy, but it should be obvious our grandchildren will be paying for this. At least the middle class will get a $400/year tax cut.

Republicans, your time for a comeback has arrived.

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