Saturday, March 6, 2010

Loses to Depositors

Depositors in failed banks are guaranteed protections of their deposit from the FDIC of up to $250,000. In failed banks where people had deposits higher than that, they have generally been made whole as well, usually when the purchaser of the failed bank assumes the deposit. However, if there is nobody who buys the bank then the money one has over the guarantee limit can be lost.

So, this article from the The Street [1] is saying such a thing did happen in the latest round of bank seizures on Friday. For two of the four seized banks, the FDIC couldn't find a buyer. This is a little surprising because the FDIC practically gives the assets of a seized bank away to healthy banks. Even at the rock bottom prices charged by the FDIC for the sale, this week, for two banks, there were no takers.

The day is still young and buyers could still be found. I'm just saying, for you quarter-of-a-millionaire's out there, just be mindful.

Source: Four Banks Fail, Depositors Suffer.

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