Sunday, April 18, 2010


Having slept on it, one week from now the Ca$h Bull will be deleted.

There are a few reasons but the main one is the disproof of the cash-inventory equivalency. While there are many other points raised over the last couple of years which I think are good, looking back over things, the assumption of the cash-inventory equivalency is so interlaced into everything that even if the idea directly affects only a small portion, it spoils the rest. In examining the relationship of cash and inventory, rather than fixing what is here, I think it is best just to start over.

Having become so focused on the consequences and demonstration of this theory, the blog has degenerated into a debate with myself on abstract financial formulas, to the point I haven't been encouraging nor even wanted others to read it, or done anything to promote the site for over a year now. While I was hoping things might change with a positive demonstration of the cash-inventory equivalency, that didn't happen.

With its name, it was a time-limited blog anyway. I chose it because I was bullish on cash, and March 2008 was a good time to be bullish on the U.S. dollar, at least until March 2009. The dollar has still done okay over the past two years, but over the past year there have been better investments.

I've much enjoyed economic blogging and plan to continue. It has greatly refined my knowledge of things like money creation, fractional reserve lending, government bonds, and the relationship of yields to principle. My definition of inventory, economic capacitance, errors of pricing and production, the desire coefficient, and considering how production relates to money supply are still good and will somehow be ported over to the new blog.

My blogging interests lately have been, aside from proving or disproving the cash-inventory equivalency, are pending government bankruptcies and good investment opportunities with a 0% federal lending rate.

Rather than just letting the blog sit and moving on, in the interest of minimizing the misinformation that already exists on the Internet, I will delete it completely, and that which was good I still have saved and can be ported over to its replacement.

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